5 Fun Ideas for your Holi Party


5 easy yet fun ideas to pep up your Holi Party:

1. Pani Puri Shots

Who doesn’t love pani puri !? Make it look spectacular by serving them on these plastic shot glasses with a little mint leaf on top. It is also more convenient to serve and eat.

2016-08-16-18-27-312. Popcorn Candy 

This is going to be such a hit with both kids and grown ups! With just a little effort you can add a lot of zing to the party menu. Get the recipe here.


3. Colorful Cupcakes

Vanilla cupcakes with whipped cream, pop color frosting and colorful chocolate beads is a great idea for a fusion party. Get the recipe here.

DSC00089 - Copy

4. Bell Pepper Fried Rice


In case you wish to keep it simple yet with an essence of Holi, this is the perfect way to do it. Just add some colorful diced bell peppers to your usual fried rice and bingo ! Get the recipe here.

5. Flower Decor

Add some pop but with elegance ! You can add a few drops of food color to the water in each vase and you are done. Yes, it is that easy. You can use old mason jars instead of vases for a rustic look !

Image result for colored water vases
Image Courtesy – Google

To find more ideas for your Holi celebrations – Read Here !


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